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What is Chrysalis? —

Our Chrysalis is our third step in our scaling. We began with Three (GEM), jumped to 15 conspirators to work with us and together to design and deploy our third scaling which is the Chrysalis for 100 players who will be the designers and creators of the first games.

Chrysalis will be held in a breathtaking space dedicated to experimentation, prototyping and co-design of powerful new solutions to address complex systemic issues. It is a space where a group of 100 inspired, diverse individuals come together for 5 days with the common objective of accelerating the emergence of a new human operating system. Since an exercise like this has never before been attempted on a global scale, a proven process is required. That process is the DesignShop process.

The  Chrysalis experience will not be asking participants to improve the existing system, but rather to create a new world.  What is the operating system that we now must explore, design, and develop into reality?  What are the metaphysics behind the new operating system? What holds us together as humanity? As we step into the Anthropocene epoch, what is our collective responsibility to ourselves, our communities, Earth and all of her magnificence?  Every generation and turn of the century focuses people to see new possibilities for a better world.  This is the first time, however, where we are actually not being called to fix the existing system but to intentionally create a new sense of humanity and design an operating system that forsakes much of our heritage and to begin again with framing a new understanding of reality. The Earth is in our hands, and we are now required to step up and see ourselves, our humanity as existentially intertwined in a common density, both as a species and as a biosphereric community. A vast web of life now depends on our stewardship.

In our minds, gaming, which brings together hundreds, thousands, millions of people seeking this new potential for becoming good ancestors and stewards of this place we call home. Earth, is a small but precious planet in a vast ever giving, ever renewing Universe. Naming this particular event, Chrysalis, places us within the unknown and invites us to emerge after five days with a re-assembling of who we are as humans and provides us with an unfolding pathway toward a distinctly different view of ourselves and the world we are creating. While many are looking to get off Earth now a planet in decay and crisis, to travel and settle in other places; ours is to recreate Earth as a work of art and abundance for all life. Today gamers create wolds and then destroy them with terrifying weapons and mass destructions. It is not that they want this, but most games offer only this. As humanity, however, we can and must do far better. It is our legacy, our potential, our way of restoration and delight. What could be more fun, rewarding, and useful in our personal lives, our communities, our home, Earth and the Universe. We can all work together recursively, knowingly. Participants will become as cathedral builders, working through several generations to create the beauty and artifacts for a new global shift. Let the great game begin!

Our 1st Chrysalis Event will be held in Turin, Italy on April 8-12, 2019.


Chrysalis will begin the unfolding of our Mission taking it from idea into reality: To evoke the collective genius of huge numbers of people to design, develop and play an infinite game, which is inspired by Nature and leads us to the cultural changes required for humanity to step gracefully into maturity.

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This page will continue to develop over the next five months. For now, we begin by providing our DesignShop Axioms and our SCAN, FOCUS, ACT model. While no two DesignShops are alike and each is custom designed with the mission and participants in mind. Axioms and the SFA model are part of the DNA in each and every one.

DesignShop Axioms

axiom: a self-evident or universally recognized truth; maxim. An undemonstrated proposition concerning an undefined set of elements, properties, functions, and relationships; postulate (from the Greek, "that which is thought fitting or worthy")
--The American Heritage Dictionary

Perhaps the practice of releasing group genius abounds with universally recognized truths; perhaps there are none. The interaction of human beings with one another may involve levels of complexity beyond the comprehension of any one of us, and so truths may forever elude us. The sometimes magical outcomes of working together are better understood as emergent properties of a system of individuals, rather than the possession of any one individual. Collaboration is not found in any person because the phenomenon can only exist in the space and time around a group of people. In like fashion, swarming can't be found in a single bee but only as a product of the behaviors of individual bees that comprise the swarm. Bees don't know "how" to swarm: they know how to relate locally to the presence of nearby bees in the presence of some environmental or genetic stimulus and the resulting macro pattern of behavior is a swarm.

  • The future is rational only in hindsight. 

  • You can't get there from here, but you can get here from there. 

  • Discovering you don't know something is the first step to knowing it. 

  • Everything that someone tells you is true. They are reporting their experience of reality. 

  • To argue with someone else's experience is a waste of time. 

  • To add someone's experience to your experience--to create a new experience--is possibly valuable 

  • The only valid test of an idea, concept or theory is what it enables you to do. 

  • You understand the instructions only after you have assembled the red wagon. 

  • If you can't have fun with the problem, you will never solve it. 

  • Every individual in this room already possesses the answer. The purpose of this intensive interaction is to stimulate one, several, or all ofus to remember and extract what we already know. 

  • Creativity is the process of eliminating options. 

  • In every adverse condition, there are hundreds of good solutions. 

  • You fail until you succeed. 

  • Nothing fails like success.

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