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Founded in 2002, Tomorrow Makers, based on the work of Gail and Matt Taylor, is dedicated to working with communities, activists and global networks of people invested in creating a better world. We know that a systemic view of our perfect storm of crises is required before we can effectively collaborate on solutions to today’s biggest challenges. We know that addressing any or even all of our crises without addressing the underlying system will—at best—achieve short term outcomes. And so we are committed to finding an entirely new human operating system. And we’re committed to doing so through play.

Tomorrow Makers, a non profit organization was founded to bring all individuals envisioning tomorrow by design, not default, together knowing that by working with each other much more could be accomplished. We do this by bringing whole living systems into every thing we do. We forge an intersection of creativity, play, wise use of technology, systems thinking, and feedback loops together into relationship with each other creating a more organic, self-organizing natural way of working. We work to emulate Nature’s way of working.

Tomorrow Makers is a gift to those who recognize that a new system is required, but might not know where to start. Let’s invest in our future by investing in them. Your support allows those who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, to immerse themselves in playing with and for a new human operating system. Tomorrow Makers desire is to provide avenues for all initiatives to join forces without having to give up their individual focus or ownership. We are weaving together a global network of individuals and organizations who can learn with and from each other accelerating the work of creating a new operating system for all humanity.

There are two ways to support our work, both of them tax-deductible:

  1. You can commit to regular monthly amounts via our Patreon page.

  2. You can become a Founding Partner by contributing the required seed funding to launch our game.

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