Feedback From Clients, Participants & Knowledge Workers

From the Foresight Group Genius Weekend

The designing of this new game for world-changing and improvement is one of the most ambitious, audacious, and fun efforts this species has ever seen. How can we best tap into and leverage the knowledge and skills of every participant? There is only one way that I know of, and that is the DesignShop process as originated and evolved by Matt and Gail Taylor.
— Christine Peterson, Co-founder, Foresight Institute

This is mind candy for my soul. Having attended for two years now, this event stands alone in my mind as an opportunity to explore new horizons, challenge assumptions, and turbocharge a pursuit of lifetime learning. Too few people are brave enough to ask what could be-what could go right, how can we create our future... Those people are here!
— Steve Jurvetson, Co-founder and Former Partner of Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Expecting the unexpected is good practice for explicating the inexplicable, and finally for effing the ineffible... Much enjoyed the weekend. Learned a lot — the real point. Thanks!
— Gregory Benford, Science Fiction Author and Astrophysicist

This is the place to find out where we are going and how we can each help to shape the future.
— Robert Berger, Film Producer
It was a great gathering of independent thinkers from all over this rambunctious civilization. Proof positive that the spirit of bold amateur thinking is not dying, but thriving, more brash than ever.
— David Brin, Scientist and Science Fiction Author

The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

“We employed the DesignShop process in early 2016 to explore and articulate the role that a newly formed university innovation center could play, in alignment with a recently published university 2025 Strategy. A diverse group of 65 people agreed to come together, without interruption, for 2.5 days, in a process designed to get beyond speeches and into real, intense, sessions to co-design the MCIC 2.0 Strategic Plan. The facilitation team of nine, lead by Gail and Matt Taylor (Artists in Residence at MCIC), worked around the clock before, during and after the 2.5 Day DesignShop - and the outputs - tangible, intellectual and emotional, exceeded my wildest expectations. The most amazing part was the final hours, where it all came together, like solving a Rubix Cube.” — Brad Furber, COO, Michael Crouch Innovation Center, UNSW Sydney (2014-2017)

Brad Furber, Founding Business Leader and COO, Michael Crouch Innovation Center, UNSW Sydney (2014-2017)

Brad Furber, Founding Business Leader and COO, Michael Crouch Innovation Center, UNSW Sydney (2014-2017)

The DesignShop process enabled a diverse group of people to co-design a future ready model to help solve the complex problem of brain cancer. Taking participants on a masterful creative process facilitated by Matt and Gail Taylor and their team of knowledge workers resulted in an emergence of new thinking and a global model. 4.5 years later, the model became a reality, compressing time for patients to access effective treatments - a noble demonstration of human endeavour.
— Catherine Stace, Founder, Greenbowl, Past CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation